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Our Team

The People Behind Bully-Mia


Alekhya Bhat


Alekhya Bhat is a freshman at Wellesley College with a keen interest in ending teenage bullying and eating disorders. Having experienced both problems herself, she hopes to provide anti-bullying and eating disorder preventive resources for free to help all those in need of it. Aside from being an avid speaker and debater, she is a published author of two internationally sold novels - "Warped" and "Six Bullets" - both available on Amazon. Her number one goal is to make sure she spreads as much positivity as she can.

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Co-Chief of Operations

Prakruthi is a freshman at The Wharton School at UPenn, and is interested in the intersection of economics and CS. She enjoys reading, painting, running, coding visualizations, and is obsessed with everything nature. She never misses the opportunity for a good debate and is passionate about the ideas she stands for.


Co-Chief of Operations

Akhil is a freshman at NYU Stern, eager to pursue a major in finance. Aside from binging TV shows at 3 am while eating leftovers, he is a basketball enthusiast with his own podcast and enjoys reading books and listening to music.


Shruti Srikumar

Content Manager and Writer

Shruti is a freshman at the University of Toronto. She enjoys writing, reading, and watching multiple cartoon shows. Apart from that, she loves traveling and searching for the best kinds of food at different cities.

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Head of Graphic Design

Sahana Vathsa

Prakruthi Raghavendra

Akhil Vajjhala

Sahana is a freshman at the Rhode Island School of Design and intends on majoring in animation. When she isn't guzzling down inhumane amounts of Sting, she enjoys singing, binge-watching TV shows on Netflix, occasionally burning food she attempts to cook, and perfecting her art skills.


Madhav Prakash

Social Media Director and Writer

Madhav is a junior in high school from New Delhi, India. Not a stranger to controversy, he has been politically active from when he first learned to read. When he isn't painting an elaborate canvas, you can find him working on service projects in rural villages. He is a strong advocate for social justice and believes open discourse is the only path to peace.


Head of Resources

Nandini Nalam

Nandini Nalam is a freshman at Reed College. She joined No More Bully-Mia out of an appreciation for open communication regarding the mental health struggles we all face. A keen believer in the youth’s power to drive social change, she strives to utilize her platform effectively and accessibly to sensitize as many as possible.

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